How to dissociate samples into single cells

*whilst not lose all hope of eventually becoming a Doctor of Philosophy*

There are a LOT of different protocols to dissociate samples into single cells. However, to boil it down, they all use three main drivers: trituration (also known as gentle yet brutal force), removal of calcium and magnesium or enzymes.

As many of us know, most of these different techniques will end up killing ALL cells INSTANTLY. Or they will be useless at dissociating it. Just like those shampoo that supposedly make your hair straight…


Practice makes perfect, and endless trials are necessary to find a balance between death and uselessness. This usually is achieved by a combination of the three techniques illustrated above and a shear amount of good luck.

In my case I decided that finding a pearl in an oyster was a sign from above to move on and capture the next dissociation…

I decided not to pay attention to the date on the calendar (17 of July) nor to the fact that a black cat crossed my road as I was cycling away…

I am a scientist!